The First Loser

Welcome to the Party House's celebration of Second Place!

Four times a day (at 6AM, Noon, 6PM, and Midnight), a new First Loser contest begins (and the old one finishes). Players may bet any amount Ryo that they have - the amount they bet is secret (but if you bet the same amount someone already has, the person who is considered 'higher' is chosen randomly, so we suggest odd amounts, not round ones). That Ryo is taken from you.

At the end of the tourney, everyone - EXCEPT the 'winning' bets - is given back their Ryo bet (minus a 5% fee). The winning bets are kept, and they receive the First Loser prize, a shiny new Kunai. The next biggest bet will have to settle for that contest's consolation prize.

Yesterday's Big Winners: (1st-[Random #]th Place Winner's Name) (Ryo Bet)

Runner-Up (consolation prize): (Randomth Place Winner's Name) (Ryo Bet)


Current Consolation prize: (consolation prize)

Entry amount (minimum 500 Ryo): [Entry Amount]

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List of Consolation Prizes


  • To be able to play this game, you may not have any Free Party House Ryo left for the day.
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