The Big Board!

Outguess your fellow Ninja for massive Ryo!

IT'S THE BIG BOARD! Here's how it works.

- It costs 3,000 Ryo to play.
- Each person can play only once per game.
- Each IP can only play once per game (no alts).
- There are 500 spots on the board.
- You pick 5 numbers - all different - from 1-500 each.
- So does everyone else.
- Once 100 people have chosen, all of you will throw your Bunai (that's a Big Board Kunai, TRADEMARK) at your spots, all at once.
- Whoever hits the highest-numbered spot that had only one Bunai thrown at it WINS!
- Here's an example - you throw at 500, 499, and 498. Someone else threw at 500. two other people threw at 499. No one else, though, threw at 498. 500 and 499 are out, since more than one person threw at them. 498 is the highest number with only one Bunai in it, so you win!
- Then a new game starts. cool, right?
- Don't throw to the same number more than once - you'll disqualify yourself.

(11DBHK's note: There's nothing 'secret' in the game, yet. Wait until I pretty it up.)

Current Ryo: X
Current game number: X
Players left to play before this game is over: X

Guess 1 Guess 2 Guess 3 Guess 4 Guess 5
1-500 1-500 1-500 1-500 1-500

Throw! >

Once the game is done, you will receive this message in your announcements:

Big Board Game Number X Month/Date (Day - Time): Player won with X.

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