Scratchy Tickets

Use your Ninja Skills to Scratch and Win!

Buy a Ticket! Scratch off three symbols, and one bonus multiplier (if you bought a SuperTicket), to win awesome prizes! You can scratch them off one at a time, or all at once!


Picture Description Prize
scratchPotion.jpgscratchPotion.jpgscratchPotion.jpg 3 Red Potions Super Potion
scratchNWW.jpgscratchNWW.jpgscratchNWW.jpg 3 Letter of Marques Yoma Blood
scratchJackpot.jpgscratchJackpot.jpgscratchJackpot.jpg 3 Billys 26 Billy Bucket1
scratchSecret.jpgscratchSecret.jpgscratchSecret.jpg 3 Blue Potions Golden Potion2
Then, if you bought a SuperTicket, pick one bonus multiplier!
Picture Description Bonus
scratch1x.jpg 1x 1 times the prize
scratch2x.jpg 2x 2 times the prize
scratch3x.jpg 3x 3 times the prize
scratchJackpot.jpg Billy 1x, but get it with the Three-Billy Jackpot for a Claymore!
scratchSecret.jpg Blue Potion 1x, but get it with the Three-Golden Jackpot for a Sho Nuff Elixir!

Each bloodline gives you a special power in the game. (Season 2+)
Legacy- Your bloodline shows you the Billy Bonus Spot!
RedEye- Your bloodline shows you one Random Symbol!
WhitEye-Your bloodline shows you the x1 Bonuses!


Buy SuperTicket (+750 Ryo)
Buy a Ticket (625 Ryo)

You may only buy 100 scratch tickets per day before it stops you from buying anymore.

Your scratchin' fingers hurt too much to get more tickets today!

Ticket Build

  • Every ticket has the following symbols:
    • 3 Blue Potions
    • 3 Billies
    • 6 Super Potions
    • 7 Letters
    • The last square can contain:
      • Blue Potion (40% chance, unless the Super Row contains a Blue Potion, if there is one, then its 100%)
      • Super Potion (60% chance, unless the Super Row contains a Blue Potion, if there is one, then its 0%)
  • Every Super ticket row has the following symbols:
    • 2 '1's
    • '2'
    • Billy
    • The last square can contain:
      • Blue Potion (5.5% chance, very rare)
      • '3' (94.5% chance)


  • By scratching every spot on a SuperTicket (it does not work on a normal ticket), you get Kagamin
  • You get Claymore by scratching Three Billy Jackpot + Billy Multiplier
  • You get Sho Nuff Elixir by scratching Three Blue Potion Jackpot + Blue Potion Multiplier
  • You have a 0.00385964912% chance of getting a Sho Nuff Elixir per SuperTicket by scratching 4 random spots. As such, it would take over 50,000 tickets to actually get a statistically significant chance of winning.
  • The Sho Nuff Elixir's effect allows you to get the item The Glow: +1 Levels, +1 Successes, +1 Range, +1 Strength.
  • A little disclaimer: when you look at "Click for 3 Random Spots" link you will see "javascript:quickcheck('cbX', 'cbY', 'cbZ');", that means that all random spots are generated once every time you are loading scratchy page, not when you decide clicking the link for generation of 3 random different numbers from 1 till 20.
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