• You may use a bloodline power twice a day at season S2+. The power varies by bloodline:
    • RedEye: You see if certain game will be special (*11 Ryo wins)
    • WhiteEye: You see 3 numbers that wouldn't be picked at certain game
    • Legacy: You see if 11 will or not be picked in certain game
In Game #00000:
The number 11 WILL be picked!
In Game #00000:
The number 11 WILL NOT be picked!
  • Winning every 11 numbers a day gives you Tiger Blood. Consuming 111 of them in 1 day gives you the permanent item Adonis DNA.
00000 Ryo Received!
11 Winning Numbers in one day!
1 Tiger Blood received!
  • The best way to win Tiger Blood is playing 96 bronze tickets with 11 random numbers every day with Bulk Tickets.
  • If you enter a number in Bulk Tickets that would bring your ticket count higher than 96, you will automatically buy the maximum number you can without going over the maximum.
  • Ticket count includes finished games which you have not yet collected your prize for.
  • This is considered a card game by Heart of the Cards. If HotC activates, your first pigeons ticket of the day will be refunded.
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