There are four types of Pachinko Balls: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Electrum.
You may purchase 100 Electrum Balls for XXX Stamina. Electrum vanishes on Dayroll and Loop.

You reach into the dispenser and, hands tingling, pull out a tray of balls. Creepy!

(All other balls must be won from machines)
Also pay XX RP to get +50 Balls!

Initial purchase is 100 Stamina, and increase by 200 Stamina for each purchase in a day. This cost is affected by any Party House Discounts that may be in effect.

With the Pachinko Parlor Upgrade, you can also spend RP equal to 1/10 of the Stamina Cost to get an additional 50 Balls.

Sannin and greater can turn in Bronze, Silver, and Gold Pachinko Balls for Ryo!

Pachinko Balls Ryo given per ball
Bronze 10
Silver 100
Gold 1000

Consolation Tickets

Turn in Consolation Tickets for free Pachinko Balls!
(1 Ticket = 1 Ball)
Get Special 1/day Comps for turning 100 Tickets of one type at once!

Electrum Consolation Tickets

Turning in 100 may grant one of the following bonuses:

+20% G/N/T AP on Missions today!

+20% Ryo on Missions today!

Bronze Consolation Tickets

Turning in 100 may grant one of the following bonuses:

+1 Ingredient Collect today!

+100 Stamina!

Silver Consolation Tickets

Turning in 100 may grant one of the following bonuses:

+1 Drop on MegaMissions Today!

Gold Consolation Tickets

Turning in 100 may grant one of the following bonuses:

Meow Meow Tumbles!
+50 Appetite!


11 Max Turn-ins a day!


Uses Electrum Balls
Prize Location Conditions
Bronze Ball x 1 Blue Prize Holes None
Bronze Ball x 10 Cyan Prize Holes None
Silver Ball x 25 Green Prize Holes None
Gold Ball x 200 Yellow Prize Hole None

The Bawg

Must have Mark of the RNG to play
Uses all Ball types

Unlike the other machines, the amount of balls used depends on the amount of days since the last person who won it - for example, if the jackpot was won 5 days ago, each ball used on the Bawg acts as if you used 5. As well as this, the prize hole containing the jackpot3 is a base 1:1100 chance to enter the hole, if the ball goes through the 5 other zones - the Forest of Pins, The Gate, Tray 1, Tray 2 and Tray 3.
Before using any balls, however, eleven settings must be set between 1 and 11. These settings, if not set correctly, decrease the chance of recieving the jackpot or going through a zone. Each setting effects the chance to go through a zone - two affect each zone, with the last one affecting the chance to go through the Jackpot hole. These settings have only one correct setting, the other 10 signicantly decreasing the chance to reach the Jackpot hole. But, if every setting is correct, the jackpot hole's chance to win increases drastically to 1/3, again excluding the chance to go through the other 5 zones. The machine will also irregularly say if any settings applying to an area is wrong.
As well as this, only Electrum balls can be used to recieve a Jackpot, but other kinds of balls can be used to see if the settings are correct for different areas of the Bawg.
If you win the Bawg, the settings to win are reset and you cannot play the Bawg until next Dayroll.

If won:

It went in
The machine screams, as cracks appear along its face, and shatters, balls and Ryo showering the crowd with victory!
You have beaten The Bawg!
Check the Bawg Instructions to give your friends their helper Trophies4!

The Bawg's background will go white (and the white pins will go black), with stars overlaid. (If you want to get a peek, copy the image location then change "bawg.jpg" to "bawg2.jpg".)

You can't throw any more balls at the Bawg that day after winning. If you try:

— Report —
You already won today! Go do something else, yeesh. o_o

However, you will have gotten a bunch of electrum balls which will vanish at dayroll (or upon looping), so throwing them at Larry's Mo'Money is advised.

Pays out Location
Jackpot 1:1100 chance with Electrum balls and correct settings
Pachiball x1 Can be used for a 10% graze chance when Fighting Phases
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