Over 11,000

Someone who looks suspiciously like The 11DBHK, but with a fake mustache, pulls you aside..

"Hey, you! Want to be a Party House Master? Then play Over 11,000!"


One play costs 11,000 Ryo to start.

Doing so adds 11 to the Secret EleventyNumber. Whoever pushes the EleventyNumber OVER 11,000 wins the excellent item, 'Over 11000'! When someone wins, the EleventyNumber resets to a random number from 1-11000.

In addition, every time you buy 11 Entries at once, you have a 1 in 11 chance of winning a special prize!
Every day, Over 11000 gives you 11,001 bonus Party House Ryo,
and one of 11 Secret Bonuses -
Some of them good (+Ryo! +Appetite! +Jutsu XP!),
some of them not so good (you'll see..),
and some of them that are ELEVENTY BILLION KINDS OF AWESOME.. but those are a secret. Trust me, it's worth every Ryo. :)"
(The name of the most recent winner updates between 0 and 30 minutes after a win occurs. Even if it hasn't updated, you are still playing in a valid, new game, you just don't realize that it has been won recently)

Let's Go OVER! >


  • One Entry costs 11,000 Ryo (+11,000 Ryo per 11th entry)
  • You can buy Eleven Entries at once, the cost is the same as buying 11 entries individually (base cost 121,000 Ryo + 121,000 per 11 entry)
  • You can NOT get 21 Entries at 11,000 Ryo each by buying 10 individual and then an 11 pack. The cost of the 11 pack is broken down in such mixes and will outright state: (11000 Ryo x 1 Plays + 22000 Ryo x 10 Plays)
  • Costs reset at dayroll
  • The ally Yuki-chan gives a 5% discount on all entries, and the teams Moe Points Bonus and Moe Points 2 Bonus give a 10% discount.
  • The item Cheeky Stop Sign gives a 5% discount, when bingoed, corrupted, and in negative stamina.


Lower Costs Table

  • Single Purchases, and first 9 purchases of 11 entries at once
  • Marginal cost for the next entry after every 11 entries. (12th, 23rd, 34th, … , 11n+1)

Higher Costs Table

  • Purchases in sets of 11 Each. Marginal Cost for the next set of 11 = (n+1)121,000 where n = number of sets already purchased.

Brute force strategy:

It is impossible to guarantee a win; however the brute force strategy gets close to doing so at a maximum cost of 505,505,000 Ryo.
It is done by purchasing 90 sets of 11 entries at a cost of 495,495,000 Ryo, and then an additional 10 single entries at the cost of 1,001,000 Ryo each. 505,505,000 = 495,495,000 + (10 * 1,001,000).
This results in you increasing the Secret EleventyNumber by 11,000 in one go. Since the initial Secret EleventyNumber has to be at least 1, and a person wins if they push it over 11,000, it would automatically result in a win.

The only way for this strategy to fail is if someone else pushes the Secret EleventyNumber over 11,000 while you are playing, and the second half of your pushes are spent on a new game.

The only way for this strategy to cost the max amount (505,505,000 ryo before discounts) is if the following things occur:
#. Someone just won and it is a brand new game.
#. The initial starting Secret EleventyNumber of this new game is between 1-10, which has a probability of 1/1,000 (slightly less than 0.091%).
#. Nobody else purchases a non winning entry while you are implementing this strategy (each such attempt will actually decrease the amount you need to spend).

Since all of the above are extremely unlikely, you are almost certain to spend significantly less than 505,505,000 ryo on a successful implementation of this strategy.
That being said, the brute force strategy is highly impractical as each additional entry drastically increases the cost.

11 a day strategy:

Each new game starts with a Secret EleventyNumber between 1 and 11,000 and you win when you increase it to 11,001 or more. This means each game takes between 1 and 1000 entries to win, on average 500.5 entries are required to win each game. A maximum of 11 entries a day (Buy Eleven Entries) can be purchased before the cost increases. Such a purchase at the minimum cost would cost you 121,000 ryo (before discounts) a day for said 11 entries and on average each entry pushes the Secret EleventyNumber 11/500.5 = 2.1978% closer to going over 11,000. Each game thus takes an average of 45.5 sets of 11 entries for a person to win each game.

Just playing 11 entries a day would thus take an average of 45.5 days to win. At a pre discount cost of 121,000 ryo a day that comes out to an average of 5,505,500 ryo spent per win.

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