Ninja Jackpot!
1: 2: 3:
Cherry.gif Exploding_Tag.gif Kunai.gif
Timmy.gif Smoke_Bomb.gif Exploding_Tag.gif
The_Rack.gif Bar.gif Emosuke.gif
Emosuke.gif Terri.gif Bar.gif
NinjaOn.gif Emosuke.gif Cherry.gif
Exploding_Tag.gif Smoke_Bomb.gif Shuriken.gif
Terri.gif Emosuke.gif Pinky.gif
Pinky.gif The_Rack.gif The_Rack.gif
SEVEN.gif Pinky.gif Smoke_Bomb.gif
Smoke_Bomb.gif Cherry.gif Stalkergirl.gif
Stalkergirl.gif Shuriken.gif Smoke_Bomb.gif
Shuriken.gif Stalkergirl.gif Cherry.gif
Kunai.gif Kunai.gif Shuriken.gif
Bar.gif Bar.gif Terri.gif
Timmy.gif Kunai.gif Cherry.gif
Kunai.gif Kunai.gif Pinky.gif
Cherry.gif Timmy.gif Timmy.gif
Kunai.gif The_Rack.gif Exploding_Tag.gif
The_Rack.gif Cherry.gif Smoke_Bomb.gif

Spin the Ninja Wheel and win Ryo and prizes!
(650 Ryo per line. Lines 4 and 5 are diagonal. Check the rows you want.

Line 1 checkbox.png
Line 2 checkbox.png Terri.gif Cherry.gif Kunai.gif
Line 3 checkbox.png Pinky.gif SEVEN.gif Exploding_Tag.gif
Line 4 checkbox.png SEVEN.gif Exploding_Tag.gif Emosuke.gif
Line 5 checkbox.png

Total Jackpot Ryo Spent: X

> > Pull The Handle! < <

Each reel is fixed as seen to the right

Prize List1:

(order is important - Cherry/Anything/Anything is not Anything/Cherry/Anything)

What Prize
3 SEVENs on Row 1 while playing all 5 Rows 1,000,000, Ryo, Sevens Trophy
3 SEVENs 100,000 Ryo, Sevens Trophy
3 Pinkys 50,000 Ryo + Whiny Grrl 'Punk'2
3 Stalkergirls 50,000 Ryo + Funky Techno Grind3
3 Bars 40,000 Ryo
3 Racks 35,000 Ryo
3 Emosukes 30,000 Ryo + Emo Rock Ballad4
3 Terris 30,000 Ryo
3 Timmys 20,000 Ryo
3 Tags 10,000 Ryo
3 Bombs 10,000 Ryo
3 Shuriken 10,000 Ryo
3 Kunai 10,000 Ryo
3 Cherries 10,000 Ryo
Cherry/Cherry/Anything 5,000 Ryo
NinjaOn/Anything/Anything NinjaOn
Cherry/Anything/Anything 750 Ryo
Tag/Anything/Anything Exploding Tag
Bomb/Anything/Anything Smoke Bomb
Shuriken/Anything/Anything Shuriken
Kunai/Anything/Anything Kunai
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