This game is only open for Season 3+

The 11DBHK focuses his entire being, rolling impossibly heavy balls down an insanely long ramp, dropping them into little holes like a sniper's bullet. He offers you one..

You get 9 TsukiBalls to try to get as many points as possible. You get 1 Ticket for every 20 Points over 100. As you play, you'll get better and better, which increases your chances of rolling the highest value in the area you select. Good luck!

One game of TsukiBall - 1000 Ryo

Current TsukiBall Level: X (+5) - +5 if you have 11DBHK's Birthday Hat
Total Spent: X

Every time you play, there's a chance that your Tsukiball Level will go up by 1.
Percent to Level = 100 - (1.5 * level)
The maximum Level attainable is 67.

Tsuki Level Up!
You are now Level X!

While playing, you have the chance to get a TsukiBall:

A TsukiBall pops out of the machine, it must not have counted it. Huh. You pocket it while no one is looking.

Prizes (all items are used immediately)

Prize Price Inscription Effect
Plastic Ninja Stars 50 Tickets Recently touched by grubby children +2 Arena Fights, you have X, one per day max
Desiccated Candy 125 Tickets Cat-flavored and grainy works as a Rebreather for one day
Soothing Zebra Puppet 400 Tickets Its clompy mouth makes your troubles disappear UnBingos
Stuffed Walrus 500 Tickets For a cheap date if you only have one Teammate, Hang Out with them
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