Overnight Bonuses
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  • Some allies give bonuses when left in your team overnight. (over Dayroll)
  • By putting three of them in your team after you finish playing, you can get special bonuses.
  • Some bonuses require certain permanent items.
  • Tangerine Pantsu gives +50% to all overnight Stamina bonuses.
  • The most common team is Big Ro Lvl 2 - Cipher (any level) - an ally you have the Bromide for. This is arguably the team you should work towards, keeping other less useful allies as placeholders for the ones you don't have.
  • You can do Ninja Love Day (Valentine's Day) quests on any day in February, or with filler themes on, to get Valentine's items.
  • You can get Bromides from the Candyween minigame by finishing with a Psycho Mask, at least one Party Invite and at least 11 candy. They give +100 stamina, which is totally awesome. You should get one as soon as possible.

Ally list

Ally"""""""""""""""""""""" Bonus"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Comments""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
Emosuke (any level)
With Gothic Album, +20 Stamina.
With Emo Valentine, another +20 Stamina.
With Emosuke Bromide, another +100 Stamina.
One of the best options to have in your team. Has an S-rank item, a Valentine's item and a Bromide. With all of them and Tangerine Pantsu, he gives a +210 Stamina bonus.
Stalkergirl (any level)
With Restraining Order, +20 Stamina.
With Creepy Love Letter, another +20 Stamina.
With Stalkergirl Bromide, another +100 Stamina.
An alternative to Emosuke. Has the same bonuses.
Note: You can only have one Valentine's item, so it's not so good to pick both of them. Besides, you'll want room in your team for other allies.
Lil Ro (any level)
Lil Shammy (any level)
With Lil Ro Bromide/Lil Shammy Bromide, +100 Stamina. Both these allies are basically equivalent. Pick one according to your preference. They give less stamina than Stalkergirl/Emosuke, but 100 (150 with Tangerine Pantsu) is still respectable. Besides, their bromides are the easiest to get, since they're Psycho Allies in the Candyween minigame. Can be used as a temporary placeholder till you get better allies.
Billy (any level)
Robogirl (any level)
With Billy Bromide/Robogirl Bromide, +100 Stamina. Same as Lil' Ro and Lil' Shammy, but their bromides are harder to get. Robogirl is a Reaper ally, so she is slightly more difficult to obtain as well. They're still basically the same, though.
Pinky (any level)
With Pink Hair Dye, +20 Stamina.
With Pink Bouquet, another +20 Stamina.
A poorer alternative, since she has no bromide. Only use her if you don't have any better allies to fill the spot. Don't pick her as your Valentine.
At level 1, +20 Stamina.
At level 2, +40 Stamina.
Hard to get, especially her level 2 form. Her bonuses aren't really worth it either. Don't go out of your way for her.
Mr. Sandman (any level)
With Beat-Up Teddy, +20 Stamina. A terrible choice. Why would you pick this. Only worth it if you're such a Gaara fan you want to give up free stamina.
Cipher (any level)
+50 Appetite Put him in your night team as soon as you get him, and never take him out. The extra appetite is incredibly useful if you're going to eat anything.
Big Ro Lvl 2
+1 Glowslinging Duel The best way to get the appetite bonus from winning 8 fights in Glowslinging. 8 = 2 (base) + 1 (Glowslinger) + 1 (Control Rod) + 3 (Dramatic Battler Level 3) + 1 from this ally. If you haven't finished Glowslinging, put him in your team for the extra duel and whatever bonus Appetite you've earned so far. If you have finished Glowslinging, put him in your team for the +80 Appetite. Either way, if you've unlocked GS, he's essential.
Big Shammy Lvl 2
+1 Flower Wars Game Switch out an stamina ally for him if you really want the extra match. Not that great, though, since you'll be losing the stamina from that ally. Okay if you don't have a bromide.
Big Bo Lvl 2
+1 Mahjong Game Like Big Shammy 2, but for Mahjong.
These three allies (Big Ro-Sham-Bo 2) form the Fathers Know Best 2 Bonus team, which doubles their overnight bonuses. It's still usually not worth it, since you lose Cipher's appetite bonus.
Yuri Lvl 3
+1 PizzaWitch Delivery Useful if you haven't finished PizzaWitch the first time. After that, she can possibly occupy a slot if you want an extra ride for the World Kaiju bonus. One delivery is only a 5% increase out of a probable 300% to 500%, though, so some more stamina is probably better.
Cato Lvl 2
Refreshes OCAT Summon Use. For farming special tacos with OCAT. Put him in your team the night before TACO Tuesday for best effects.


  • If you want to change your Valentine's item, sell your old one at the Shop.
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