So You Want to be a Soul Reaper?

This guide is obsolete. We are working on a new one.

This page is intended to be a complete walkthrough of the Soul Reaper missions in BvS.

Being Prepared: Things You'll Need

This walkthrough will assume you have certain items, allies and jutsu that aren't directly related to the Reaper missions directly, but they make certain parts of it a lot easier. These include the following:

Getting Started: Obtaining Access to the Other Side

The first thing you need to do is to get access to The Path of the Reaper that unlocks the Reaper missions. This requires a Heck Butterfly.

Obtaining the Heck Butterfly

The Heck Butterfly is found on the D-Rank mission, Save the Soul Reaper! You have a chance of getting it whenever you complete this mission, but the chance is relatively low. You'll start seeing this mission start up from the very beginning, but it's not an easy mission for a Genin (Tai 5d3, Gen 5d2). If you're a WhiteEye Ninja, feel free to use WhiteEye. If you can pass the mission while using the Epic Dog Urination Technique, you definitely should do that. Otherwise, just keep running D-Rank missions until you get lucky.

After you get the Heck Butterfly, you have access to the quest to cross over to the Other Side, but don't take it yet. There are three possible places to get Reaper items from here, so complete two (2) of these optional missions.

Optional: Obtain the Swallowtail Butterfly

The Swallowtail Butterfly is pretty much identical to getting the Heck Butterfly. Keep taking D-Rank missions until you get Help Out a Soul Reaper. Again, as a Genin, this mission will be a pain in the butt for a while, since it's a Gen 4d4, Nin 4d4 mission. Again, the WhiteEye jutsu or the Epic Dog Urination Technique will help a ton for getting your item, assuming you can pass the mission while using one of those jutsu. Just keep running D-Ranks until you finally get it.

Optional: Obtain the Blue Flower Hairpin

The Blue Flower Hairpin requires that you belong to a Village with the Party House. You need to win 3 Hairpin Pieces from the Party Wheel. These are uncommon prizes, so it may take a few days, but it's easier than winning some of the super-rare prizes. Once you have 3 Hairpin Pieces, go to the quest menu and select The Princess and the Dragon. Make sure you're prepared for a Tai 7d4, Nin 6d4 encounter! You can use your jutsu here, so do whatever you need to win. Once you win, you hand over your 3 Hairpin Pieces, and you get the Blue Flower Hairpin!

Optional: Obtain the Soul Glove

The Soul Glove requires that you have reached the rank of Chunin. You'll probably want to at least be a Chunin before you start the Reaper missions anyway, so that shouldn't be much of a road block. The Soul Glove is found on the C-Rank mission Pick up After a Reaper. Again, WhiteEye jutsu or Epic Dog Urination Technique are your friends here. If you're a brand new Chunin, passing it this mission while using the Epic Dog Urination Technique may be a bit difficult. However, without urine spraying everywhere, this mission is actually easier than the Blue Flower Hairpin mission. The Soul Glove is also probably the most powerful of the initial Reaper items, providing a full +1 levels to all attributes.

Crossing Over: Unlocking the Reaper Missions


Go to the Quests menu and start The Path of the Reaper. The initial trial will be a rough one for low level ninja, it's Gen 10d3. I'd suggest using your strongest Genjutsu that you have available. After that, she confirms that you have a Heck Butterfly (Which you should do because you need it to open the quest). Then comes another real test: Tai 9d5s! Again, use the strongest Taijutsu ability that you have at your disposal. Pass this encounter and you're home free. Congratulations! You've acquired the Substitute Soul Reaper Badge, Shorty, and access to the Reaper Missions!

Preparing for Reaper Missions

Reaper missions are now available from your regular mission menu. However, you do not get to select the difficulty of the mission. This is okay at the start, since you can only do weak Reaper missions anyway. You should note, you cannot bring any of your non-Reaper allies over to the Other Side. At this point, that means you can only bring Shorty and Timmy (and I don't recommend bringing Timmy yet!). Also, most of your jutsu are not available while doing Reaper missions. You can only use the jutsu that you learned from Reaper allies, or jutsu that are innate to your Bloodline (such as RedEye or WhiteEye). However, all of your permanent items will continue to work, so get as many of those as you can! If this wasn't bad enough, when you first start out, Reaper missions cost 15 stamina instead of the usual 10.

Because of these limitations, you'll want to learn Shorty's jutsu as soon as possible. They're going to be your bread and butter for a long time. My suggestion to you is that you should learn her Jutsu in this order: (Tai) Kido: Iron Maiden, (Nin) Kido: Slayer, (Gen) Kido: Metalocalypse. Here's the reason. Because you've got the Substitute Soul Reaper Badge and Shorty in your party, your Gen strength is currently really high, so you'll practically be auto-winning all Gen missions. You're less likely to have Nin bonuses, but since you were probably playing the Prize Wheel to get the Blue Flower Hairpin, you've probably got a Ninja Dog or a Giant Fan, which will provide you with some Nin bonuses. Tai bonuses are a lot harder to come by in most cases, so you're probably weakest in Taijutsu.

Now, time to run some Reaper missions! You can obtain the next two allies in any particular order, but you need both to progress. What we're working on right now is getting your Soul Candy to unlock more Reaper missions and to stop that annoying -5 stamina drain per mission.

New Allies: TicTac!


TicTac is available on the Reaper mission D-Level! Count the Substitute Souls. In terms of difficulty, this is like a C-Rank (Gen 7d3s) mission normally, but you've probably got Shorty in your party, and you definitely have your Substitute Soul Reaper Badge. This mission will be stupidly easy. Use WhiteEye jutsu if you can, otherwise just keep taking Reaper missions until you've gotten this mission and you've won TicTac.

Once you've obtained TicTac, you should put him in your party. Yes, he's an obnoxious little stuffed animal who provides you with no real bonuses, but you need to get TicTac's friendship rating over 300 for the next phase. So toss him in your party now! You can ditch him later.

New Allies: Robogirl!


Robogirl is the same girl you saved when you got your Blue Flower Hairpin. Now she's hanging out on the Reaper mission D-Level! Go Grocery Shopping. Don't be fooled! If you're doing this mission early, it's probably going to be rough, as it's a Tai 7d4 mission! Tai bonuses are super-hard to come by at this point, so hopefully you learned Kido:Iron Maiden like I suggested! Complete the mission, and hopefully you acquire Robogirl. If not, keep running Reaper missions until you get the mission and she joins your party.

Soul Candy: Stopping Soul Drain

At this point, you should have both Robogirl and TicTac as allies, and TicTac should have a friend level of at least 300. If TicTac's friend level isn't high enough, go run some more missions (preferably non-reaper missions so they cost less stamina). Once these conditions are met, time for another quest!

Hijinks Ensue

Make a team that has at least Shorty and Robogirl. Go to your quest menu and accept the mission for Hijinks Ensue. You're going to have a number of hard reaper encounters here, so I hope you've learned all of Shorty's Kido by now. Your first test is Gen 10d3, which should be easy enough if you bring Shorty. Use Kido: Metalocalypse if you're worried. Next is a Nin 10d3 encounter, which might be bad if you don't have many Nin bonuses. However, if you've got Robogirl, it'll be a lot easier. Use Kido: Slayer if you're worried. Now you've done the easy part. You've got two more encounters to go. The first is Tai 11d2, which you can auto-win if you use Kido: Iron Maiden, so that's not so bad. The last one is the real test, as it is Tai 6d9. The difficulty's not bad, but the number of successes is killer! Again, use Kido: Iron Maiden, and hope for lucky dice!

After all that, you're pretty much in the clear. TicTac decides whether he likes you enough, and if you have 300 friend points with him, he does. At that point, you acquire your Soul Candy, unlocking more Reaper missions and making it so that Reaper missions only cost 10 stamina instead of 15! Hurray!

Obtain Your Sword

Immediately after completing Hijinks Ensue, another quest opens up, titled The Voice of the Soul. This is the mission to get your Sword of the Reaper, which on it's own doesn't add anything to your power. But it does unlock further missions in the Reaper chain. There is one Gen 10d6s encounter here, so just use Shorty and Kido: Metalocalypse, and then move to the hard choice.

You're going to be asked to give up 2 levels in all attributes, which will lower your current level by 6. If you're close to making Jonin, you may want to hold off for a bit before you accept this. Otherwise, you should just accept, as you will immediately get the Sword of the Reaper, which is a +2 levels bonus, negating the loss you previously had. Congratulations! You're starting to look like a real Reaper!

NOTE: From this point forward, you will need to be at least Special Jonin, as MC Stripeypants is located in a B rank mission.

Find a Sensei: MC Stripeypants


If you've followed Bleach at all, you have some idea what comes next. You need to find someone who can train you to properly use your newfound Reaper powers. That will be MC Stripeypants. He's going to be at B-Level! Get a Deal at the Shop, which is a Nin 9d9s mission. Make sure you've got Robogirl in your party, and make use of Kido: Slayer. Having other Nin strength and range bonuses here are extremely helpful. You're getting to the point where things are going to be Jonin level difficulty. Complete the mission, and hopefully you've acquired MC Stripeypants. If not, keep running Reaper missions until it comes up again and you eventually get him.

Three Days in a Hole

Once you've got MC Stripeypants, it opens another quest, Over the Edge. This mission requires that you wait for 72 hours (3 days) before continuing. Note: this means you can't run any other quests during those 72 hours, so if you're going to want to take a Jonin exam, or run some other quest, take care of those first! But, otherwise, you can run regular missions just fine, and continue to help your village out. For doing this, you gain the bloodline Blood of the Reaper and Reaper Blood - Shikai, which is extremely powerful!

Speak Your Sword's Name

After you've gained the Blood of the Reaper, time to do what is perhaps one of the coolest parts of the Reaper questline: name your sword. To do this you have to access the new reaper blood menu, which has poped up at your main page after getting Blood of the Reaper. You will be asked to name your sword, and you will be given a jutsu of your very own! Zero chakra cost, zero reagent cost, for -2 levels, +2 successes, and it's one you named yourself! Congratulations, you're starting to look like a Reaper!

More Allies

You're almost done with the Reaper missions. Now things get a little harder. To progress from here, you need to acquire the rest of your Reaper allies. Doing so unlocks a stronger set of Reaper abilities, gets you new items, and new allies. Definitely worth it.

50 Silver Petals

While running all of these missions, have either Shorty or Strawberry in your party. In addition to gaining allies, you want to collect fifty (50) Silver Petals. Both of them have a chance to drop petals. You don't want to move to the next quest without having those petals in advance.

New Allies: Strawberry


You may already have Strawberry from the previous parts of the mission. I never mentioned him before, because he really wouldn't have been too useful up to this point. But, you need him now to progress. Keep doing Reaper missions until you get to C-Level! Cross Over a Spirit. It's Nin 8d3, so if you have Robogirl on your team and you use your new Reaper Style jutsu, this will be easy. You need to have Strawberry to unlock the next quest.

New Allies: Tats


Go to the quest menu and accept The Reaper Council (you get this once you have Strawberry and Shorty as allies). You need to pass a Gen 10d5 check and a Nin 8d7 check. These shouldn't be too hard, but if you're worried, bring Shorty and Robogirl to help. The last two checks you can auto-win by using your Sword Jutsu that you got previously. Beating this quest gets you Tats and a swanky new Captain's Jacket!

Optional New Allies: Timmy Lvl. 2


This step is optional, but I recommend you do it if you want to make the final Reaper missions easier. You need to level up Timmy. Do Reaper missions until you come to B-Level! Teach a New Soul Reaper. Now swap Timmy into your party (running Reaper missions with Timmy before then is painful, so I don't recommend it). In addition, put Tats and Shorty into your party. This is a Tai 10d7s+Gen 8d8s mission, and you have to do it with Timmy giving you -2 strength and -2 levels. Painful indeed! Tats will offset Timmy's strength penalty, and using Reaper Blood - Shikai makes this a little more bearable. Shorty will make the Gen part trivial at this point (effectively it becomes Gen 2d8s). But the Tai requirement is still high (effectively Tai 8d7s). I'd recommend using Kido: Iron Maiden to take some of the edge off it. You're still looking at a really rough mission. I don't think it would be inappropriate here to use a Powerful Potion. If you succeed, then you have to hope that Timmy levels up to Timmy Lvl. 2. We'll be using him later on. This is probably the hardest part of the Reaper missions.

NOTE: From this point forward you will need to be at least a Jonin, as Fletch and Hermano are located in A Rank missions.

New Allies: Fletch


Fletch is available on A-Level! Sew Together a Plushie!, a Gen 10d6 mission. If you bring Shorty and Tats along, and are using Reaper Blood - Shikai, this mission will be trivial. Just keep running Reaper missions until you get this mission and hope on successful completion that you gain Fletch.

New Allies: Hermano


Hermano is on A-Level! Protect a Possessed Bird, which is a Nin 12d5s mission. If you've got Tats and Robogirl, and are using Reaper Blood - Shikai this mission will be easier. Other options are to use permanent items and jutsu that increase Nin range (such as the Ninja Dog and Kido: Slayer) (Just for extra range to boost up your rolls). By this point, increasing your range shouldn't be too hard, so picking up Hermano should be relatively easy. If you don't get him upon successful completion, keep running it until you do get him.

Home Stretch: Save Shorty

Once you have all of the Reaper allies mentioned here (except for Timmy Lvl. 2, he's optional) and know all of Shorty's jutsu , you unlock another quest, to Adventures in the Other Side! Do not take this mission yet! Shorty will leave your party once you start this mission, so make sure you're ready. You should at least have 50 Silver Petals by now. I'd also highly recommend that you have Timmy Lvl. 2 and a Ring of Power. You don't need them, but good luck beating the quest without them.

The Final Showdown

I recommend using Fletch, Tats, and Timmy Lvl. 2. The hardest part of this mission is in part 3, where you have a Tai 16d5s encounter. If you've been following this guide, you can get 5 Tai successes automatically. You get 2 from Timmy Lvl. 2, 2 from your Sword Jutsu, and 1 from your Ring of Power. Otherwise, you'll have to figure out some other way to beat a 16 difficulty mission using only Reaper abilities. Finally, hand over the 50 Silver Petals, and you're done!


You gain Shorty Lvl. 2, Mister Six, Reaper Blood - Bankai, and the True Blood of the Reaper bloodline. Congratulations, you've completed the Reaper missions!

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