Emo basement dwellers attack you with their mall jewelry!

Monster Information

They bite you - it isn't that bad.. oh no!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 8,000
  • Stat: Gen
  • Difficulty: 10

Defeat Message:

You shine sunlight on them, and they melt!

Village Upgrade



  • This is a reference to the series Karin (Chibi Vampire in the U.S.)
  • The picture is of Karin, the main character of the series. Unlike most vampires, she produces too much blood and must inject it into her victims to survive. If she doesn't do this in time, she gets a massive nosebleed and passes out. Thus the nosebleed in the picture.


  • Prior to the kaiju HP buff, the Vampires had 2,000 HP.
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