The RNG crashes into your Village!

Monster Information

Reality bends, and pain overwhelms you!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: ~10,000 HP
  • Stat: Dou
  • Difficulty: 7

HP Note

The only accurate HP count for The RNG is "Crippled." At any other point, the HP will be given as two random phrases from the following list:

  • -3859
  • -0
  • Four-ish
  • 9
  • 23149
  • 123535
  • 1040 EZ
  • What What
  • Approaching Infinity
  • Fish

Defeat Message

The RNG melts into another world!

Village Upgrade


Summon Message

The RNG Attacks! A strange beast materializes in your Village! Fight it, but be wary that it might not be as injured as it first seems!


  • This Kaiju is summoned as part of R00t Access
  • This Kaiju only drops an Item for the Kage
  • Since this monster is a Doujutsu check, it's practically impossible to defeat without having BurgerNinja.
  • This kaiju is not affected by Catgirl Reservations
  • You can not use Favors on this Kaiju.

The Flash whirls into existence from the center of the storm, but he raises his hand. "I am bound by ancient law not to interfere. You are on your own." In a blink, he fades into the wind from whence he came.

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