Shin Goji

Shin Goji stomps on your village!

Monster Information

His Stamina is LIMITLESS!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 10,000+5,000+HP Regen
  • Stat: Tai
  • Difficulty: 11

Defeat Message

Shin leaves to go find more referrals!

Village Upgrade


  • Rocket Punch - +3 Stamina per Kaiju Attack, +10% Kaiju Damage


  • This monster is based on the 99th Player to beat the The Impossible Mission and his work in getting players to the game


  • Shin Goji was rewarded with a custom Kaiju for referring over 250 players to the game.
  • Gets an extra 5,000 HP when crippled (once per day) to represent tapping his referral stamina.

SHIN GOJI ARISE! Shin gets his Referral Bonus, and rejuvenates his HP! +5000 HP!

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