Shanks descends upon your Village's potato supply!

Monster Information

Shanks devours your supplies and mocks your Rides!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 18,000
  • Stat: Gen
  • Difficulty: 10

Defeat Message

Shanks senses a Mahjong game far off, and vanishes!

Village Upgrade

  • Boneyard - 10% fewer Tiles needed to create Mahjong Sets


  • Lightning Draw - Mahjong opponents get no draw bonus during All Last


  • Saturday 5/22 (0:19): Two new Custom Kaiju! Two of the original Billy playtesters are Moving Away Forever(tm), so as thanks for all their help throughout the years, Ham and Shanks are getting hooked up with custom Kaiju. Best of luck out there, dudes! -11
  • Shanks's avatar is Jumbo from the manga Yotsuba.
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