Robert the Sage

Robert stands perfectly still, gathering energy!

Monster Information

His aura whips about, crushing your village!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 5,000
  • Stat: Dou
  • Difficulty: 5

Defeat Message

Robert nods, acknowledging your prowess.

Village Upgrade


  • Senjutsu Reserves - +1 Level, +20 Stamina per day. Item can be consumed for +500 Stamina (this destroys the item, and it can only be done once a day. even if you have more than one of them)


  • Robert was the winner of the 2010 Child's Play Custom Kaiju Charity Auction!
  • Robert is the 280th player to complete The Impossible Mission
  • Robert's current name is Shadez
  • His playerkai image was RobertPK.jpg


  • It is rumored that the bonus for having the Training Center and consuming the drop is a 20% chance to have the item returned to you.
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