A fallen ninja appears.

Monster Information

He uses his Nova Style Jutsu on you.
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 10,000
  • Stat: Nin
  • Difficulty: 9

Defeat Message

He crumbles into a Super Nova.

Village Upgrade



  • This Kaiju is based on the one hundredth and forty fifth player to complete The Impossible Mission.
  • Richie17 was the kage of SuperNova before stepping down and disbanding the village.
  • The reference to which the attack and defeat message are from the villages the kage had created and disbanded.
  • The image is based on the Rinnegan eye of the Rikudou Sennin and Nagato.
  • Their current player name is Twilight.


  • This Kaiju is based of the PlayerKai monster-base.
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