Psycho Hikers

They pop out of nowhere and pelt you with granola!

Monster Information

They bulldoze the village for a new hiking trail!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 9,000
  • Stat: Nin
  • Difficulty: 13 + 1 per night after the first1.

Defeat Message

You push them off a cliff!

Village Upgrade

  • Hiking Rest Stop - +10 Stamina when Collecting, -10 Stamina to Ingredient Hunt



  • The picture is a reference to Frodo and Sam from the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. They went hiking to Mordor, while there was almost no chance to survive, therefore Psycho Hikers.
  • The hit message is a reference to Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, where a Arthur Dent's home (and subsequently the whole earth) is bulldozed away to make room for a new highway.


  • They also receive +10% damage if attacked by someone with a Knapsack.

Item Bonus! You beat them away with your knapsack!
+10% damage!

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