Nine-Tailed Fox

The Demon of Many Tails attacks!

Monster Information

You are knocked aside by its many tails!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 30000 + variable HP regen every night
  • Stat: Nin
  • Difficulty: 9

Defeat Message

You seal the Demon!

Village Upgrade




  • This kaiju receives an extra 10% damage per attack from ninja who have the Ninja Dog item.

Item Bonus! The dogs nip at its heels, keeping it at bay!
+10% damage!

  • Regenerates HP at dayroll while it's not crippled.
    • It regenerates 600 HP per 'Days Remaining' on the kaiju. So on the first dayroll, it regenerates 3600 HP, 3000 HP on the next dayroll, and so on.
  • Terri Lvl. 3 won't help you get the item, only Leader will get it.
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