Mad Scientists

Crazy Professors, driven insane by Science!, wreak havoc!

Monster Information

X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 20,000
  • Stat: Gen
  • Difficulty: 10

Defeat Message

You give them a shiny puzzle, and they walk away with it, mumbling!

Village Upgrade

  • Laboratory - If you Tinker, you may perform a second Science! Action (Science! Required)


  • Lab Coat - +5 Stamina when fighting Monsters, +5% Chance when Unleashing Science, bonuses on successful Science! usage


  • This is a reference to Desty Nova, from the manga series Battle Angel Alita: Last Order


  • This monster can only be summoned with the Enticement Altar
  • This monster was added to the game on Apr. 14, 2008
  • The original attack message was "You are transmogrified and evolutionated!". It was changed shortly after the monster was added.
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