Evil Taxi

Crashing from beneath the earth, screaming into the night, is the EvilTaxi!

Monster Information

The pure awesome that emanates from the Taxi melts your face!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 15,000
  • Stat: Tai
  • Difficulty: 10

Defeat message:

The Taxi screams off into the night, delivering another soul to the Great Drift Mountain in the sky!

Village Upgrade



  • This is a reference to the first player to complete The Impossible Mission.
  • For one week, starting on Tuesday 6/1/2010 (13:44), Evil Taxi only had 11 HP because McMasters' NDS was in his car for the last 4 months and he never noticed it.
    • During this time, EvilTaxi's Monster information was changed to "You lose your DS, and EvilTaxi offers to check his car for it!"
    • During this time, EvilTaxi's attack message was changed to "He SAYS he checks his car, but noooo, he plays 360 or something!"
    • During this time, EvilTaxi's defeat message was changed to "You find your DS in his car TWO MONTHS LATER."


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