Div shows up, laser in hand, ready to blast some Commie Mutants!

Monster Information

Div's laser has trouble firing, but still hits you!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 6000
  • Stat: Tai
  • Difficulty: 10

CLONE ACTIVATED! Div-R-EON's clone takes his place! Clones used: 1!

Defeat Message

He is swept up for debriefing.

Village Upgrade


  • B-Class Laser - B Aggressive! (+50 Stamina when doing 100 WorldKai Swings)


  • Instead of defeating, Div-R-Eon spawns a clone with 6000 HP


  • This Custom Kaiju belongs to Divreon, a winner of the Epic Audio Scavenger Hunt. See the news archive entries on 11/29/2010 and 12/21/2010 for more details.
  • This Kaiju is an extended reference to the tabletop roleplaying game Paranoia, where lasers are heavily unreliable, all food is vatgrown, and Commie Mutant Traitors are feared and hunted. As dark comedy/cyperpunk-parody game, the game is ridiculously lethal, and the player characters are expected to die multiple times over the course of a campaign; to counter this, every player starts with a stock of six identical clones (which can be increased or replenished in-game.) This also explains the name - names in Paranoia are of the format Fragment-Letter-Format, where the letter is the color of your rank.
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