Console Elitists

They barrage you incessantly with hardware statistics!

Monster Information

They gloat about their Gamer Scores!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 9,000
  • Stat: Nin
  • Difficulty: 13

Defeat message

You beat them with your handheld games of awesome!

Village Upgrade



Item Bonus! You get your Puppet to make fun of them on the Internet!
+10% damage!


  • This is a reference to people who take their gaming console far too seriously.
  • The extra damage given with the Puppet probably refers to the act of Sock puppetry; which is where an Internet user creates a false identity (the sock puppet) to agree with what they were saying. Which makes it appear as if more people share their view.
  • Both the Kaiju drops are references to Nintendo. The upgrade is a reference to Nintendo's official fan club, the Nintendo Fun Club (now called "Club Nintendo"); the item is a reference to a meme about the hyper-popular Nintendo Wii, "It prints money!"
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