A man-mountain of Awesomeness appears!

Monster Information

"Come at me, bro!"
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 50,000
  • Stat: Tai
  • Difficulty: 1

Defeat Message

He dissolves into the Brocean!

Village Upgrade


  • Broforce - +1% AP per every 2 Seasons completed on Missions, if you have Looped in the past 36 hours


  • This is a manly reference to the very manly umpteenth1 player to be manly enough to finish the Manly Mission, otherwise known as the Unpossible Mission. It is also a tribute to Mannosuke, the manliest man to ever flex his shirt off.
  • The symbols on the hands of Astaroth's image are known in The Legend of Zelda as the Triforce. In turn, the kaiju drop is named Broforce
  • Also, most of this kai is based from this comic: Click Here
  • Before becoming a unique kaiju, his playerkai image was 61051.jpg
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