Eyes scratchy'd out, Amalga appears out of nowhere!

Monster Information

Amalga documents your moves and uses them against you!
X Stamina lost!
  • HP: 15,000
  • Stat: Gen
  • Difficulty: 10

Defeat Message

Your Village has defeated Amalga! Amalga splits into rveach and TheSpy to fight over a Scratchy!

Village Upgrade



  • This Kaiju was added on the night of January 9th, 2010.
  • This is a composite custom player kaiju of TheSpy and rveach for "showing McM how crazy awesome the players can be at Math.' (mainly referring to their work with the Greasemonkey Scripts).
  • The bonus damage from the Flamethrower references Team Fortress 2. Because there's no friendly fire in the game, there's a practice of "spy checking" by spraying down teammates with the Pyro's flamethrower - enemy spies disguised as teammates will catch fire, but actual teammates will be unaffected.


"Item Bonus! Your Flamethrower "checks their ID"!
+10% damage!"

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