Turn on a Robot Girl!
Taijutsu AA-Rank
Turn on a Robot Girl!
How do you activate her?
Difficulty: 18 Successes: 11

Success Message

You kiss her and she awakens with a smile! SO CUTE.

Failure Message

You push her 'on' switch. WRONG SERIES. She hits you. HARD!


  • AP/XP: 4350
  • Ryo: 200


  • This is a reference to either:
    • Steel Angel Kurumi, as the main character awakens the android girl by tripping into her and accidentally kissing her.
    • Chobits, the character Chi has an "unorthodox" activation process.
  • Probably this is not a reference to Robogirl.

April Fools' Version

When tried on April 1st with Unforeseen Consequences:

Taijutsu AA-Rank
Turn on a Robot Girl!
Hot. ahem. better find one for the Mission!
Difficulty: 18 Successes: 11

Wow, there's a lot more than you'd think. Hot?

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