The World Above
Doujutsu Witching Hour
The World Above
You feel as if you are standing on the Edge of the world, next to a strangely familiar Ninja..
Difficulty: 15 Successes: 30
Ability #2: Genjutsu Difficulty: 20 Successes: 20
Ability #3: Ninjutsu Difficulty: 20 Successes: 20
Ability #4: Taijutsu Difficulty: 20 Successes: 20

Success Message

You notice the lattice beneath your feet, pulsing crimson..

Failure Message

You flinch from the view, and you lose it..


  • AP/XP: ???
  • Ryo: ???

Hidden Reward

You got an Item!
Mark 86 Turbo!
(Total: X)


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