The Pit
Doujutsu Witching Hour
The Pit
You see yourself, in a pit, chained to the center, sword in hand, with a three-day timer overhead..
Difficulty: 30 Successes: 30
Ability #2: Genjutsu Difficulty: 27 Successes: 25
Ability #3: Ninjutsu Difficulty: 35 Successes: 23
Ability #4: Taijutsu Difficulty: 23 Successes: 30
BurgerNinja Employees / Jutsu Only! Freezer Drops only drop here

Success Message

You train yourself for three straight days!

Failure Message

You accidentally hurt yourself badly, and feel the injury ripple into the present!


  • AP/XP: ???
  • Ryo: ???

Hidden Reward

Special Event!
+2000 Ryo!
You trip over a bag of Ryo - what luck!


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