The Fields
Doujutsu Witching Hour
The Fields
You stand in a featureless plane, helping a man you can't quite see set up a mirror..
Difficulty: 15 Successes: 35
Ability #2: Genjutsu Difficulty: 40 Successes: 20
Ability #3: Ninjutsu Difficulty: 50 Successes: 10
Ability #4: Taijutsu Difficulty: 63 Successes: 15
BurgerNinja Employees / Jutsu Only! Freezer Drops only drop here

Success Message

You finish, and he steps through!

Failure Message

You drop it, and you feel a pain course through your body!


  • AP/XP: ???
  • Ryo: ???

Hidden Reward

Special Event!
+2000 Ryo!
You trip over a bag of Ryo - what luck!


  • This is a reference to The Black Altar. The man is presumably The Dark Flash's Phase.
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