Strike Down a Sentry!
Genjutsu C-Rank
Strike Down a Sentry!
Knock out a guard!
Difficulty: 8 Successes: 3
Ability #2: Taijutsu Difficulty: 8 Successes: 3
One of your ninja allies has potential here..

Success Message

You run down and disable the guard in an instant!

Failure Message

The tables are turned, and you get knocked out!


  • AP: 667
  • XP: 1335
  • Ryo: 125

Season 2+

Level Up!
Spot has become Spot Lvl 2!
"Bark bark bark!" says Spot. "What's that, boy? You like chasing people down? You want a Freaking Laser Beam on your head to help? Okay!"
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