Strange Hallway
Taijutsu Cave
Strange Hallway
You pry open a door and discover a hallway filled with an ominous miasma.
Difficulty: 38 Successes: 80
No Allies, Subroutine/Innate Jutsu Only!
MegaMissions Required!
The cave seems as if it is hiding things from you - no Events/Items without MegaMissions!
Frequency Lock
Your Chakra rebels against the energy of this area!
X - X - X
vs. Needed:
0 - 0 - 10
Strength Allowed: 66% Tunes today: X
- Total Filaments to fully Tune -
White: X Green: X Red: X Blue: X
(Total - White: X Green: X Red: X Blue: X)

Success Message

You brave the energy and shut it off at the source.

Failure Message

You collapse from strange energies as you try to get through.


  • AP/XP: ?
  • Ryo: ?

Hidden Reward

You got an Item!
Dusty Wheel - Large!
(Total: X)


  • This mission is not rare.
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