Split a Fortress Wall!
Taijutsu B-Rank
Split a Fortress Wall!
A ninja rushes up and crushes a Fortress Wall with one blow. Do the same!
Difficulty: 10 Successes: 8
Ability #2: Genjutsu Difficulty: 7 Successes: 8
Your RedEye whirls..

Success Message

You split it in two with a deadly blow!

Fail Message

The wall falls on you, and the Ninja laughs.


  • Tai AP: 1460
  • Gen AP: 1460
  • Jutsu XP: 1460
  • Ranking: 1460
  • Ryo: 175

Hidden Reward

You analyzed a Jutsu!
Super Heel Drop!
Attempt to learn it in the Jutsu Menu!
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