Seasons Don't Fear the Reaper
Ninjutsu A-Rank
Seasons Don't Fear the Reaper
You would have them know why Reapers are feared.
Difficulty: 15 Successes: 10

Success Message

The seasons tremble, as do the wind, the sun and the rain!

Failure Message

They shrug you off, and inspire another 40,000 everyday.


  • AP/XP: 3250
  • Ryo: 175


  • This is a reference to the song "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult. "Seasons don't fear the reaper" "[Nor] do the wind, the sun, and the rain" and "inspire another 40,000 everyday" are all part of the song's lyrics.
  • Despite not having a reward, there is no April Fools' Version.
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