Puppy of Doom
Ninjutsu Monochrome
Puppy of Doom
Such a cute little puppy is at the gates - with a missile launcher!
Difficulty: 20 Successes: 18
Only Reaper and Innate abilities may be used here!
One of your ninja allies has potential here..

Success Message

He runs out of ammo, and goes back to terrorizing schoolchildren.

Failure Message

He catches you under the chin with a rocket, blowing you to pieces.


  • AP/XP: 2860
  • Ryo: 350

Hidden Reward

Level Up!
Miss Kitty has become Miss Kitty Lvl 2!
Your cat chases him off, and does a backflip - turning into a Reaper!


  • You can only get this mission after you have Awesome Pants and have reached the rank of Jonin.
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