Pencil Attack
Ninjutsu Monochrome
Pencil Attack!
You are filling out a test, when your pencil attacks your hand!
Difficulty: 19 Successes: 17
Ability #2: Taijutsu Difficulty: 20 Successes: 14
Only Reaper and Innate abilities may be used here!

Rare Mission: This is a rare mission, you must do general missions to get it.

Success Message

You jump onto your desk and kill it with fire!

Failure Message

It stabs you through your chest, and takes over your mind..


  • AP: 2085
  • XP: 4170
  • Ryo: 350

Hidden Reward

You got an Ally!
Blind Fury!
Someone grabs the pencil out of the air without looking and snaps it. "You are on our side, eh?"
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