Help Out A Soul Reaper
Genjutsu D-Rank
Help Out A Soul Reaper
A little waify girl asks your help in finding some orange-haired kid.
Difficulty: 6 Successes: 3
Ability #2: Ninjutsu Difficulty: 4 Successes: 3

Success Message

"You track him down - she punches him in the face a few times, and they both disappear!"

Failure Message

"You spend all day looking for him, to no avail. She gives you the stink-eye, and vanishes! (Maybe you should come back and try this mission when you are higher level - it might be important!)"


  • Gen AP: 505
  • Nin AP: 505
  • Jutsu XP: 505
  • Ranking: 505
  • Ryo: 100

Hidden Reward

You got an Item!
Swallowtail Butterfly!
(Total: X)



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