Convince a Fanboy to Bathe!
Taijutsu B-Rank
Convince a Fanboy to Bathe!
The stench must be stopped!
Difficulty: 11 Successes: 8
Ability #2: Genjutsu Difficulty: 9 Successes: 8

Success Message

You thrown him at the ocean, and then throw the ocean at him. Success!

Failure Message

His smell overpowers you and you pass out!


  • Tai AP: 1470
  • Gen AP: 1470
  • Jutsu XP: 1470
  • Ranking: 1470
  • Ryo: 175

Hidden Rewards

Special Event!
+4000 XP!
You see a strangely twisted tree, that makes you discover a more efficient way to cycle your Chakra!
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