Confess their Emo Love!
Taijutsu B-Rank
Confess their Emo Love!
Some girl wants to confess her love to some Emo Ninja! Cheer her on!
Difficulty: 11 Successes: 9
One of your ninja allies has potential here..

Success Message

She confesses, and the boy blows her off - but it's the thought that counts!

Failure Message

She chickens out, and blames it on you!


  • Tai AP: 1540
  • Jutsu XP: 1540
  • Ranking: 1540
  • Ryo: 175

Hidden Reward:

Level Up!
Pinky has become Pinky Lvl 2!
Pinky does a shoujo transformation sequence of love, and levels! Whoo!
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