Capture A Control Point!
Genjutsu A-Rank
Capture a Control Point!
Your team needs to take over this strange platform with a red light in the middle!
Difficulty: 15 Successes: 12

Success Message

You get an ubercharge and fire your minigun maniacally, yelling "CRY SOME MORE!"

Failure Message

You charge in recklessly and get mowed down by a sentry gun.


  • AP:/XP: 3390
  • Ryo: 175


April Fools' Version

When tried on April 1st with Unforeseen Consequences:

Genjutsu A-Rank
Capture a Control Point!
Apparently, all you have to do is reset the switches on the point, but there are so many!
Difficulty: 15 Successes: 12

Finally, everything is set properly. Phew!

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