Begin Genin Exam
Warning: Information found on this page is outdated and might not be in the game anymore.

Take the first step to becoming a ninja - your Genin exam!

Taijutsu Special
Ninja Physical
Go through the basic ninja qualification exam - running, jumping, general Ninja-ing. Click 'Attempt Mission' to take a shot against the Difficulty of this Mission. Get the number of successes needed or more, and you pass!
Difficulty: 1 Successes: 1


You pass with flying colors!

Learning what to do

As a Genin, there are multiple things you can do on the Main Menu. You can Spar with your friends if each of you put each other's names down, you can join a village, you can make a team of ninja, you can exchange stamina for Chakra, you can get your picture taken, and you can hang out with your ninja friends! Hit 'I Understand' to learn more..

I Understand (requirements)

  • None (just hit "I Understand")


You nod your head, and they continue.

Learning what to do 2

As you take missions with Ninja on your team, you get Friendship points. Whoever is their best friend (or best 'friend' ^^) at the end of the day gets a special bonus!

Got it (requirements)

  • None


You pass with flying colors!

Good - you are strong enough to move onwards, and learn the mystical arts. Flipper shall be your teacher from now on - he will teach you the basic Jutsu.

You got 20000 XP!

Flipper, the Ninja Academy Teacher, joins you!

Making Teams

Have Flipper Join your team! Go to the main menu, click 'make team' (the 'Make Team' button is now available!), put him in your team, confirm it, and return! (You can leave special missions to go charge chakra, switch teams, learn a Jutsu, even go on a regular mission. In fact, you can even come back to a Special Mission the next day! Don't worry about it - sometimes you need to do a little sidestep to get yourself in the best shape for one of these!)

Click here ONLY when you have added Flipper to your team (requirement)


You pass with flying colors!

Jutsu Training

Learn the six Jutsu that Flipper can teach, yo. To do this, hit 'To Main', then 'Learn Jutsu' (which just opened up!), and learn each jutsu there. Once you have, come back here and click 'I Have Learned All of Flipper's Jutsu'. (If you hit it before you learn the jutsu, you won't be able to learn them until you get to this point in the Genin Exam again)

I have learned all of Flipper's Jutsu (requirement)


You pass with flying colors! Good job! Here's some Ryo - during the next mission, click on 'Go Shopping' and buy a Kunai to help you with the next challenge.

You got 100 Ryo!

Taijutsu Special
Jutsu Training 2
Buy a Kunai from the store (be sure to click the confirm button when you do!), and use it to perform 'Projectile Weapons: Kunai'! (Some missions are extremely hard, unless you learn the correct Jutsu!)
Difficulty: 10 Successes: 10

A Specific Jutsu could help here..

Specific Jutsu


You hit the mark perfectly!

Congrats! You are now Genin!

Here's 500 Ryo, to spend on equipment for your jutsu.
The Chunin exam is held for Genin who have gotten to Level 12, but it is super hard - go take some missions first.
For your starting missions, you should probably bring Flipper along as a teammember - he is extra helpful to new players! As a final gift, here is 50 Stamina, to help you explore on your first day!



  • This special mission is no longer available. New players now automatically start as level 6 Genin.
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