Mission Bonus

Bonuses which takes effect during Missions.

List of Bonuses:
Bonus Effect Cause
Annie Bonus! +30% Ranking! Ally Annie Lvl. 2
Billy Power! Billy saves the day! Auto Success! Ally Billy / Billy Lvl. 2 / Billy Lvl. 3
Bingo Rush Bonus!1 +20% XP/AP/Ryo! Other/Item Bingo someone when you possesses The Note
Boot Bonus! +5/10/20/50 Chakra! Items Fur Lined Boots / Quality Boots / Wasteland Boots / Boots of Walking
Captain's Bonus! +10% AP/XP! Item Captain's Jacket
Carapace Armor bonus! +10% Tai AP! Monster Drop Carapace Armor
Consolidation bonus! -50% AP/XP, +50% Ryo! Jutsu Dark Consolidation
Chunin Academy Bonus! +1 Strength! Upgrade Chunin Training School
Difficulty Bonus! +(5*Crank)% Ryo! Other The Crank
Drunken Fist Bonus! +('Juice'/3) Levels! Theme + 'Juice' Drunken Fist + 'Juice'
Flipper Bonus! +20% AP!2 Ally Flipper
Flipping Out Bonus! +25% AP/XP! Theme Flip Out
Genin Academy Bonus! +1 Strength! Upgrade Genin Training School
Go Bonus! +10% AP/XP! Monster Drop Go Piece
Ichi Special Ramen Bonus! x2 Find Ninja/Items Chance Ramen Ichi Special
Insight bonus! +50% AP/XP, -50% Ryo! Jutsu Obsessive Insight
It Prints Money Bonus! +25% Ryo! Monster Drop Money Printer
Jonin Academy Bonus! +1 Strength! Upgrade Jonin Training Academy
'Juice' Bonus! Varies3 Other/Upgrade 'Juice' Bar
Know the Code Bonus! Automatic win Other/Bloodline The Power of Greass
Letter of Marque Bonus! +10% Ryo/AP/XP! Item Letter of Marque
Magic Academy bonus! +10% Gen AP! Monster Upgrade Magic Academy
Minor Downtime Penalty! -X Levels! Upgrade You surpassed your 'Juice' Bar Tolerance yesterday
Mister Tea Bonus! +50% Ranking! Ally Mister Tea / Mister Tea Lvl. 3
Money for Nothing Bonus! +25% Ryo! Theme Money for Nothing
Muscle bonus! +10% Tai AP! Monster Upgrade Muscle Training
Ninja-Mas Bonus! +10% Ryo! Item Ninja-Mas Star
Pandabear Bonus! +30% Jutsu XP! Ally Pandabear / Pandabear Lvl. 2
Pose bonus! +10% Nin AP! Monster Upgrade Pose Training
RedEye Intuition! +(7*Rank)% AP/XP! Bloodline RedEye
Rich Man's World Bonus! +15% Ryo! Jutsu Rich Man's World
Ryo Aura Bonus! +10% Ryo! Item Aura of Fortune
Sand Monument Bonus! +1 Stamina! Monster Upgrade Sand Demon Monument
Sandstorm Bonus! +1/2/3/5 MPH! Items Basic Cowl / Dark Cowl / Wasteland Cowl / Cowl of the Second HoCage
Sannin Bonus! +15% Ryo! Item Sannin's Premium
Science Bonus! +20% Ryo! Science Alchemical Overthruster, Actuarial Amplifier (Activated)
Shortbunny Bonus! +10% Ryo! Item Shortbunny
Spoilers bonus! +10% Gen AP! Monster Drop Book of Spoilers
Strawberry 3 Bonus! +50% Ranking! Ally Strawberry Lvl. 3
Teacher's Pet Bonus! +100% Jutsu XP! Theme Teacher's Pet
Teachings Bonus! +10% AP/XP! Upgrade Ancient Teachings
Timmy Bonus! +20% AP/XP! Ally Timmy / Timmy Lvl. 2
Utility Belt Bonus! Item Not Taken! Item Utility Belt
Value Meal bonus! +50% Ryo Jutsu Value Meal
WhiteEye Training Bonus! +(1*Rank) Levels! Bloodline WhiteEye
Yellow Flash Bonus! Automatic win! Jutsu Flying Thunder God Technique
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