Party House

Hang out with Ninjas and win prizes

Welcome to the party house! Here, the Sannin themselves hang out after a hard day's work. Your eyes are drawn to the Prize Wheel, the Ninja Jackpot, 11DBHK's Lottery, and the Party Room.

Anyone can go to the Party House and play the default Party House games, even if you are not in a village. Doing this while not in a village/in a village without Party House will increase the prices of playing the games though.

You get 2,500 free Party House Ryo to use each day; this Ryo does not go into your main Ryo account, but can be freely used in the Party House. Playing a game that costs more than the Party House Ryo you have left will take the rest of your Party House Ryo first and then take the rest of the cost out of your own personal Ryo.

Tip Line

You pick up the phone, and a pair of sultry voices are on the other line!

"Hi, I'm Stalkergirl Lvl. 2.."
"..and I'm Terri Lvl. 3. You'll be seeing a lot more of us as the game goes on, but for now, we're here.."
" help you. "

'Juice' Bar

'Juice' Bar
J-Diddy wipes out a glass, and sets it on the bar. "Yup, that's right, JUICE bar." He leans in and whispers to you, "Yeah, I know, but this bar is dubbed, so we're just selling 'Juice', capiche? Check the How To Play to see what's up, and play along.."

This requires the upgrade 'Juice' Bar

The First Loser

Welcome to the Party House's celebration of Second Place!

Prize Wheel

Spin the wheel! Win all sorts of rare prizes!

Ninja Jackpot!

Spin the Ninja Wheel and win Ryo and prizes!

11DBHK's Lottery

The Eleventy Billionth Hokage has decided to raffle off some of his favorite things to deserving Ninja all over the Ninja World!


The 11DBHK focuses his entire being, rolling impossibly heavy balls down an insanely long ramp, dropping them into little holes like a sniper's bullet. He offers you one..

This game requires you to be Season 3+

The Big Board!

Pick five different spots on the board - If you pick the highest spot that no one else does (higher is better, ninjas!), win 200,000 Ryo!

Scratchy Tickets

Scratch off three symbols, and one bonus multiplier (if you buy a SuperTicket), to win awesome prizes, from Yoma Blood, to Golden Potions, and more!


Play darts against your fellow villagers!

This game requires the upgrade Darts Hall

Party Room

Throw a party with your teammates to get Friend Points towards the coveted Hanging Out Bonus!

Crane Game!

Try your luck, and win a prize!

This game requires the upgrade Claw Machines

Over 11,000

Someone who looks suspiciously like The 11DBHK, but with a fake mustache, pulls you aside..

"Hey, you! Want to be a Party House Master? Then play Over 11,000!"


Welcome to the show!

This game requires the upgrade SNAKEMAN or NO SNAKEMAN


Bet Ryo or Items. No refunds. Spin the wheel when you are ready!


You walk into the Temple of The Four Winds from the eastward entrance.

This game requires the upgrade Temple of The Four Winds


You walk up to a group of Ninja cheering and shooting dice as one of them shouts ever-increasing numbers - then suddenly, a cry of anguish as the crowd yells back "FAIL!". One stands above the rest, nervously looking first at the shooters, then a countdown clock ticking away..

This game requires the upgrade Dark Alleys


…Ninja are tossing cards and Ryo up into their waiting claws of soaring pigeons, in exchange for numbered tickets. Others stand, holding their tickets high, and the birds snatch them out of their hands, leaving bags of Ryo in their place. There must be boards up there with numbers on them, and they are picking numbers in some random way. You start to think harder about it, but you decide you don't want to know…

Flower Wars

Yuri (and not with The Rack, which is a first) stands at a table at the summit of a tall, verdant hill, grass blowing in the wind. The sky is as blank as a slate, and you can hear - but strangely, not see - animals of all kinds nearby…

This game requires the upgrade Verdant Fields


You walk past a dark, shadowy alley, and for a split second you hear a loud jangling, which abruptly cuts off. Investigating, you find a giant doorway guarded by two imposing gangsters. They look you up and down, nod, and open it for you.


Name Discount Type
Fun Club Memberships 10% Village Upgrade
Avant-Guards 5% Permanent Item
Fun For All Ages 5% Team Bonus
+5% Party House Discount 5% BillyCon Award
Breathtaking Popularity 5/10/15% Awesome
Maximum Squirrel 5% Pets
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