Friend Levels / Hang Out

As you spend time with your allies (either by doing missions with them or by spending time in the Party House), you will gain 'Friendship Points' with them. Your current amount of Friendship Points is visible from the main BvS page when you mouse over the avatar of the ally, as well as on the page for forming teams.

Each day, the players with the top 10 highest Friend Point totals for an ally at dayroll will be Hanging Out with that particular ally. (To see what yesterday's winning amounts were, you can check the Current Friend Rankings list.) However, in order to hang out you must have at least 1,000 Friend Points; otherwise you will not register as being in the top 10 for that ally.

After a hangout via Friend Points, your Friend Points with that ally will reset to 0. This will not happen if you hang out other ways (except, notably, Floating On Air).

While you are hanging out with an ally, you can learn their jutsu at half the normal XP cost. (This stacks with Eternal Mirrors for a total cost of 25%, if applicable.) In addition, certain special missions require you to hang out, or not hang out, with certain allies.

There are many ways to increase friendship points and hang out with allies:


On successfully completing a mission of any rank, you gain Friend Points for each of your active teammates:

  • +45 points if you have three teammates
  • +50 points if you have two teammates
  • +55 points if you have only one teammates







  • Mysterious Power Bloodline - If you aren't Hanging Out with anyone, you can Hang Out with 1 Ally of your choice!
  • Party Room - Throw parties with your teammates to get Friend Points!

Removing Hang Out Bonus

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