EvilTaxi's Great BvS Challenge

All players wishing to compete must make themselves known on this thread.
This challenge will begin on Monday, August 25.

The Challenge:
Starting with a brand new character, complete the Impossible Mission.

The rules:

1. No breaking any BvS rules.
2. No breaking any forum rules.
3. The village that is used for the Impossible Mission must be founded by the character used for this contest.
4. You may not at any point post publically how far along you are in the contest. This includes public forums, chat rooms, websites, any chat/messaging in BvS, or any other method that I deem public.
5. I reserve the right to add rules as necessary.
6. Your contest character may not at any point be in the same village as any of your other characters.
7. Your contest character must be the one to buy the Natural Research Facility. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
8. You may NOT use the contest character to help out any of your other characters in ANY way. You may also NOT use the contest character to help out any other player in the game. If you break this rule, you will run the risk of being game banned.
9. This contest is run by me. Do NOT Bug Report or ask McMasters questions about the contest.

Special rules (coded in for the contest):

1. As soon as you achieve NRF, you will automatically be given the sabotage upgrade. The sabotage upgrade cannot be destroyed.
2. Challengers cannot remove items from storehouses.
3. Items cannot be mailed to challengers.
4. Contest characters cannot receive StI from an IM-completed Village.
5. Contest characters may not at any point forfeit the kageship of the contest village or gain leadership of any other village.
6. Contest characters are considered 'not in a Village' for any area of the game that requires them not to be in a Village
7. The contest village cannot gain a peacetime bonus.
8. You cannot grant buying permissions to any other character
9. A list of contest characters will be available to read.

How to start (DO NOT DO UNTIL 8/25):

1. Create a character, using "THE IM RUSH" (without quotes) as your referral.

Prizes (to be delivered to a character/person of your choice):

- 1st: $50 Hammergirl Anime gift certificate, +100 Daily Stamina item, Custom-built Bloodline, 5 million village ryo to be distribute however you wish.
- 2nd: +60 Daily Stamina item
- 3rd: +40 Daily Stamina item
- Top 2 finishers also become custom kaiju and can design a special item.

Other notes:

- In-game inhibiting of other players' attempts is encouraged (in English: "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD")
- If, at 30 days after this contest starts, there are 50 or more active contestants (I will be checking for idling, progress, etc.), ET will personally add a $50 gift card to Best Buy.
- If you have 3 characters already, you may make a contest character as your fourth character.

(Orignal post: http://s3.zetaboards.com/Random_Village/topic/524870/)

Official Word From McMasters

People are dropping out because someone takes time to make a forum sig, for 100 measly stamina? What, do you get some sort of rash if you advertise the game? Sigh, whatever. Not getting into another Arena-level failfest.

The Rules

As far as I see it, here's the rules I'm hardcoding in.

People may enter starting next Monday.
To enter, you make a new character with the "THE IM RUSH" refer name.
This character may be your fourth character.

Entered players are different in the following manner:

They may not:
- use the Trade feature of the Bucket
- accept item mails
- take items from storehouses
- give up leadership
- take leadership (the only way to be a leader is to make your own village)
- grant Upgrade Buying Permissions to another player
- receive StI from an IM-completed Village

Additional changes:
- they are considered 'not in a Village' for any area of the game that requires them not to be in a Village (SNAKEMAN)
- they cannot get a Peacetime Bonus in any village they Lead
- they automatically receive an indestrcutible Sabotage Facility when they buy a Natural Research Facility
- they may, at any time, bring up a list of all players that are currently entered.

The Winner is determined as the first entered player to complete the Impossible Mission.

- Players are held to all restrictions of normal players. Muling, faking referrals, etc are bannable offenses.
- Players are 'encouraged' to use in-game methods to keep fellow entrants from winning - by entering this contest, your character is taking a permanent warlike stance, and may not consider any attacks on their village, even those from non-contest entrants, anything but 'fair game'. If you don't want to see everything you know and love melted into slag as a result of your hubris, this isn't the contest for you.
- Rather than deal with "baw baw Stewie has an Alt that runs Farkface Village and Stewie's alt is Bingolocking me", since A>we all know that it will happen, B> the people who do it will be smart enough to do it in such a roundabout way that they can feign ignorance on a forum somewhere, and C> stupid people will always be stupid:

Anything goes.

As long as you aren't faking referrals (proxies / bots / alts of other players), or otherwise farking with BvS, you can go crazy. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen, and I don't want to hear your crying. "Wah wah, Player X has an alt who is a huge leader of Craphead Village and is Sabotaging me" should be translated to "boy, I'm going to pay off five other Villages to bingolock the crap out of Craphead Village, and then sabo-melt their faces off. I'll start with their Ninja-Mas Tree, to teach them not to mess with me."

1st place: $50 Gift Certificate to Hammergirl, +100 Daily Stamina Item, Custom-Built Bloodline (you help me come up with what it is, and what it is based on - think of it as "getting to help make your own BurgerNinja-sized area of the game"), 5,000,000 Village Ryo that may be split, as you see fit, amongst up to ten other Villages (i.e. the currency you use to bribe other villages to screw with other players - "melt Bonkler Village, and I'll give you 800K Village Ryo when I win), and a custom Kaiju. Note: If the first place player already has a custom Kaiju, they will be able to design another.

2nd place: +60 Daily Stamina Item, custom Kaiju.

3rd place: +40 Daily Stamina Item.

Can I get a list of people that actually want a piece of this? It's going to run, even if I get just two people - who, by the way, will be proving that they are such non-bwwing hardcore gamers, they'll be really, really listened to when it comes to further upgrades in the game (examples of this are EvilTaxi, Vysaga, ham, poleritude, and Jerral). For once, I want to see a good-natured, backstabbing slugfest, by people who enjoy conflict. I can easily see adding new PvP-related stuff as the contest goes on, by request of the entrants ("Hey, me and him want to have a fight, and whoever loses has to give the other their Polar Star - can you help us code that?")

(Original Post: http://s3.zetaboards.com/Random_Village/single/?p=23045&t=524870)


  • 1st: Porque (AzoJason) - 127 days
  • 2nd: Ashsaber (Angelg) - 142 days
  • 3rd: Yukarin (Pheles) - ??? days

(Original Post: http://s3.zetaboards.com/Random_Village/topic/7105626/)

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