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Bee Vault
You walk up to a gigantic, impenetrable swarm of Tiny Bees, buzzing in unison. They recognize your scent, and part, forming a twisty passage that you follow to a small alcove where you can store your Rewards..

You may store your Tiny Bee Weapons (TBWs) here, so that you can attempt to win different ones. You cannot have more than one TBW at a time, and you cannot ever have more than one of any individual TBW.
When you do not have a TBW in your possession, it counts as you not having it for Quests and other content - but remember, you still cannot win another one.

- You have a Tiny Bee Rifle. you want to enter the Robo Fighto for the 2.0. You store it here, and then may enter the RF. Should you put it back on before the RF is completed, your entry - should you win - will be nullified when the tournament ends. If you have a 2.0, you will not be allowed to enter the Robo Fighto at all, even if it is stored here.
- You have a Tiny Bee 2.0, and want to attempt the Festival Marksmanship Challenge. You may store it here, and as long as you do not pick it up again before the Festival ends, you can win a Rifle. Should you pick it up, you will be marked as "already having a TBW", and merely receive the potion.

What do you wish to do?

The Tiny Bee Vault lets you swap out your Tiny Bee weapons. Those weapons are interchangeable for the sake of most things. They all give +2 Range and +2 Levels. It is impossible to win a Tiny Bee Weapon if you currently are carrying any other Tiny Bee Weapon.
For example, if you win the Terri Marksman Showdown you will normally receive a Tiny Bee Rifle. However, if you are carrying a Tiny Bee 2.0 then you will NOT receive your rifle, instead you will receive a Shu Nuff Elixir. The Bee Vault lets you put away your Tiny Bee Weapons, allowing you to acquire all of them

The 5 Tiny Bee Weapons are:

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