Alex McMasters is the webmaster of AnimeCubed and the main developer for Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN. He has no known ties to the BvS Wiki, and we have no way of contacting him directly. Any contact with him should be made through the "Report Bug" option in Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN. The usual rules for reporting bugs applies.

He is called "The Eleventy Billionth Hokage" or "11DBHK", for short, in-game.

In-game Appearances

  • Party House
    • Darts Hall - The Party House's janitor look suspiciously like the 11DBHK, and gives you the old Dartboard when you win it
    • Over 11,000 - Someone who looks suspiciously like The 11DBHK, ask you if you want to be a Party House Master?

Other Games created by McMasters:

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