Marketplace - Sell and Buy items from across the world of Billy!

The ninja pigeons fly around madly, catching bags of Ryo tossed into the air, and dropping packages of shinies into the hands of the marketeers..

  • Requirements: Season 2+ or Jonin+

Seller Rules:

It costs 5% Ryo of the asking price to post a listing, up to a max of 5000 Ryo. 10,000-5 Million Ryo range. Listings sit for 4 Dayrolls, then you are given back your items. Only items that can be traded are allowed. Items must be bought in the amounts they are posted - if you have 5 Golden Potions, and post them as one listing, someone must buy all 5.
You are specifically not to use this service for Ryo transfers, even temporary ones.
Ryo you get will be Credit. This can be used to buy other Marketplace stuff, or can be converted back into Party house Ryo or straight-up Ryo below (for a fee).
Max listings per player: 5.

Buyer Rules:

Buying something is final - make sure you clicked correctly, no refunds will be given.

Searching Rules:

You only get a certain number of views and searches in the Listings and History per day (50)- go over them, and you are out for the day. Don't lag it out and ruin everyone's fun.


In the listings it shows the last 25 items people have placed out in the market for the amount of ryo they are asking and for how many of that item they are offering in the deal. You can view all the permanent item listings and non-permanent item listings seperately if you wish. You may also type in the item you are looking for and find the listings for that item.

Post Listing

When you post a listing, you scroll through the items you have on you (not in your bucket), and choose an item (it has to be tradeable). Then you say how many of that item you are offering and how much you are asking for the item(s). After that it will tell you how much it will cost you to list the item(s).

But if you sell an Ninja Puppet for example, the following message pops up:

The Shopkeeper pops in and stops you. "Whoa, there. I sell those. Chill out."

Your Listing

You may view your item(s) to see what all you have out in the marketplace still and how many days it has left before it is removed.

Last 25 Sales

Here you may see who bought what from whom at what price, this way you know what items are going for what price.


Fill it in, and post it. Cost to post is 5% of the total price. It will take your max buy amount plus the 5% fee in Ryo when you post. If you autobuy, it gets wiped, and you get your leftover Ryo back. Qty ranges 1-100. Remove it to get back your Ryo.

If the Item named [Name of Item]
is posted in a quantity from [Quantity 1] to [Quantity 2]
with a price-per-item of no more than [Ryo Amount]
and a total price of [Ryo Amount] Ryo or less, Buy it.
Ryo taken to post this autobuy: Ryo Cost
[ ] Click to confirm


You have X Credit.
You may pull Y Ryo of it out per day for free.
(5000 or 5%1, whichever is greater)
Pull Ryo

Alternatively, you may convert it to Ryo or Party House Ryo
(remember that PHRyo wipes at Dayroll).
The % after the choice is how much you will receive.
Amount to convert: [ ] Credit
[ ] Convert to Ryo (40%: 1000 Cred = 400 Ryo)
[ ] Convert to Party House Ryo (70%: 1000 Cred = 700 PHRyo)
[ ] Convert to Village Ryo (Z2%: 1000 Cred = Z * 10 VRyo)
[] (click to confirm)
Convert Ryo


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