Make a Village


  • Jonin or higher in rank
  • Must not currently be in a Village
  • Must have The Five Rings
  • 50,000 ryo

Village Creation

Okay, time to start a new village.

Villages cost 50,000 Ryo to start. That money will be the start of your Village Bank.

You need to come up with a village name, and also how your village description looks.

For example:
Village Forest - the Village Hidden in Trees.
Village Pants - the Village Hidden in my Pants.
Village Whirlpool - the Village Hidden in the Sea.
Village Infinity - the Village Hidden in Forever.

Your description is important - it must be descriptive of your village.

Please note that you may need to put a 'the', like in 'The Village Hidden in the Snow' - it isn't automatically there)

People will see this when you do things, so it should be indicative of your village. Do NOT do something sneaky, like 'Sand Village - the Village Hidden in the Waves'. Your village will be deleted if you do.

No punctuation or multiple spaces - keep it simple. Capitalization is important - if you don't want your village to look like a bunch of fools, make sure things look nice. You won't be able to change them.

Look at the list of Villages and players already out there - don't try to copy a name, call yourself 'mist' when someone else has 'Mist', or name yourself 'M1ST' village and crap like that. We'll delete you.
When you start your village, your village will be placed near a natural resource - one of three. This is the resource you will use to bribe Clients and create specific upgrades. To get ones you don't have, you'll have to hit other villages.

Finally, be aware that you'll have to find your own members, either amongst your friends or people you recruit. If you can't get at least five people into your Village on your own, you should seriously think about starting your own Village.

Ready? Okay then. Name your Village!

Village "Your Name" - the Village Hidden in "Your Description".

The village name is limited to 10 characters and the description is limited to 14.

Create Village (50,000 Ryo)

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