Your Level in an ability measures your experience using that ability. When you undergo Ability Tests, the number of attempts you get is determined by your Level in that ability. You also have one Level for your character in general, which serves as a rough measure of how experienced you are. This is equal to the sum of your Levels in all three Abilities. Your Gen/Nin/Tai level, Permanent Items, Allies, Jutsu and the Reaper Bloodline can raise your number of tries.


The abilities are


  • Items that say that provide +levels or +range will only provide it to the 3 base stats of Gen, Nin, and Tai.
  • Items that specifically say +ALL levels, or +ALL range will provide their bonus to Gen, Nin, Tai, and Dou.
  • The only thing that can provide a bonus to Raijutsu and Kaijutsu is the item Sleek Keel


There is a limit to how high your base level can go (this is separate to bonus levels which are counted separately). For Rai and Kai this is 11. for the other stats it is between 20 and 75 depending on your season and whether or not you have particular items which specifically raise your base level cap instead of providing bonus levels.
Details can be found here looping


  • Raijutsu and Kaijutsu each give 1% Graze per level against phases
  • When they activate, you get one of the following messages:
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