Field Keys

In R00t, keys are used to visit Fields by forming the name of the desired field out of three keys. All keys loop.

On difficulty:

  • Every Key has a preset Difficulty.
  • For every field there is an Extra Difficulty that varies between 0-5 and changes at dayroll.
  • The difficulty of a Field is the sum of the difficulties of the Keys used and the Extra Difficulty.
Alpha Beta Theta Difficulty
Simple Training Aqua Field 0
Dimly Lit Crumbling Dealer's Room 5
Blaring Hairy Parking Lot 10
Pulsating Worst Core 15
Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground 20
Darkside 20
Raging Passionate Melody 25
Cursed Filthy Noodle Shop 40
Chosen Hopeless Nothingness 60
Brilliant Delicious Dance Floor 65
Beautiful Passed Over Touchstone 70
Corrupted Despaired Paradise 80
Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel 100
Merciless Grieving Furnace 130
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