Karma is a special currency, acquired by offering financial support to the Eleventy Billionth Hokage. It can be spent on several different in-game bonuses.


The signature use of Karma is for BillyClub, which offers a variety of benefits to members, including removal of advertisements, bonuses to the rate of gain of experience (of various sorts), and the ability to ask questions of the 11DBHK himself - and (most of the time at least!) get answers, even!

BillyClub Lite is also offered - while it doesn't offer the in-game benefits, it still offers the exclusive downloads, Q&A opportunities, and most other features of BillyClub. Lite members can also choose to upgrade to the full BillyClub at any time, if they wish.

BillyClub costs 100 Karma for 30 days of the service. BillyClub Lite costs 75 Karma for the same - and 25 to upgrade from there to full. (Note that doing so does not provide any extra days.)

The service has, in the past, offered access to betas of different game modes, including the Rides aspect of PizzaWitch. However, the final version of content tends to be very different. More recently, prize drawings have been offered at each Festival as well, exclusively for BillyClub members.


Boosters are also sold to players looking to gain an in-game edge - if a limited one. They are offered at a 10% discount to full (not lite) BillyClub members.

Boosters have a few special rules and limitations attached, designed to avoid giving financially-advantaged players an advantage in PvP elements of the game:

  • Used in your Main Menu, lasts until Dayroll
  • 1 Booster Use per day max
  • When you use a Stamina Booster, you may no longer Attack/Spy on another Village, Hard Bingo, or Attack a Non-Phased Kaiju for the rest of the day
  • On a day that you use a Booster, you will not be counted towards Top Rankings that night
  • Restats do not count towards once-per-Season limits, nor do they 'count as your one-per-Season' when you use them

Buying Karma

Karma is available in six different packages. PayPal, credit cards, and money orders are accepted as payment (All run through PayPal). When purchasing karma, you have the option of buying it for the account you are currently using or gifting it to another account. The game also allows for direct gifting of Karma you already have, as well. Purchased Karma may be freely gifted between main and alt characters.

Karma Prices

Karma Price Karma/$
50 $2.99 17
75 $3.99 19
100 $4.99 20
250 $9.99 25
600 $19.99 30
1700 $49.99 34

Note that the Karma is run through a PayPal account marked 'Anime Cubed' - this is normal.


Billy vs. SNAKEMAN is not a game where paying is a vital assumption. Boosters and BillyClub never offer gameplay content unique to paying members - instead, they are provided to help players speed their progress, should they desire it.

Players interested in supporting the game more than paying for benefits can also do things to help the community - refer players (and collect bonuses in the process), be friendly in the forums, contribute to this Wiki, and just plain have fun and help others do the same. (The referral bonuses Booster, in fact, was introduced explicitly to fund advertising - the ~$10 covered in the Karma cost covering enough advertising for around 50 new players.) The sponsored items were also introduced for this reason.

For the official terms and conditions of Karma purchasing and use, please visit the in-game Karma tab.

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